we secure community, government or market support for infrastructure and technology projects
Support for new projects must be earned. With over 30 years experience, Robert D. Kahn & Company knows how to make the best possible case for your initiative. Whether the audiences are skeptical neighbors, distracted government officials or jaded market players, our programs will advance your objectives. As a full-service strategic communications firm, we team with the project advocate, and deliver success.

"A vocation applied by a social scientist who advises a client on the social attitudes and actions to take to win the support of the public on whom the viability of the client depends."

-- Edward Bernays, 1920, founder of public relations.

Together our principals and associates offer exceptional service. As a staff, we combine decades of experience and apply it for our clients' benefit. Few agencies can draw on the expertise that epitomizes Robert D. Kahn & Company.

Since all politics are local, your plans hinge on judgements that will be made by every day people. Effective Community Relations requires respect and an understanding of what communities want from their corporate neighbors. Our proactive community relations practice is built on hard listening.

Media Relations isn’t about publicity for its own sake. In fact, sometimes the best publicity is none at all. The irreplaceable key to media relations is credibility. We can achieve your objectives by enhancing your credibility with the press.

Project Management is a skill. After 25 years managing all kinds of projects from conception to completion, we push clients’ agendas forward on time and on budget.

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A Man Ahead Of His Time

Mercer Island Reporter
by Stephen Weigand
June 28, 2001

A self-motivated, self-directed, itinerant researcher/educator. That's one way Robert Kahn described his inspiration and mentor, R. Buckminster Fuller, who died in 1983. He also described him as brilliant, a genius and very spiritual -- a 21st century man with 19th century values living in the 20th century.

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Winds of Change Meet a Storm of Protests

AWB Magazine
by Daniel Brunell
Winter 2010

Washington’s alternative energy market has exploded, and the state is a national leader in alternative energy research and production. However, several factors—from traditional NIMBY-ism to transmission infrastructure—are hindering the continued growth of this sector. With so much support for “green” or “clean” technology, why is it still so difficult to site projects like the Whistling Ridge Energy Project?

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