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“Bob Kahn's firm is wonderful. Bob is responsive, always available, and very adaptable. We use Bob on our wind energy developments. He thinks about his clients first and foremost. Bob is cool and dispassionate under fire. His contacts in the energy community have proven invaluable to us. I'd be hard pressed to come up with any 'weaknesses,' so I guess I have to recommend him without any qualification whatsoever.”

Michael Skelly
former Vice President Development
Horizon Wind Energy
Houston, TX

“Bob's enthusiasm is contagious and his insight invaluable.”

Al Pak
Director, Regulatory Policy & Analysis, Regulatory Policy
Sempra Global Enterprises
San Diego, CA

“Robert D. Kahn & Companyís work is thoroughly professional. From what Iíve seen, clients in cement, energy and environmental management have been fortunate to have had Bobís firm working for them. He keeps a low-profile which serves his clients well.”

Robert Harmon
Vice President
Bonneville Environmental Foundation
Portland, OR

“Bob Kahn was an incorporator and long-time board member of RNP. Itís hard to envision our organization without his passionate and articulate leadership. I regularly rely on him for his counsel.”

Rachel Shimshak
Executive Director
Renewable Northwest Project
Portland, OR

“Bob Kahn is one of those rare folks that can take the interests of his client and find ways to make those parallel the interests of the local community where a new project is being proposed. He is a very good listener and has the ability to discern the critical from the not so important in a negotiation. He worked as an effective partner with local leaders in Lewis County and was upfront with both the good and the difficult which would impact our community. He was quick to get answers and showed a strong ability to deliver on commitments.”

William Lotto
former Director
Lewis County Economic Development Council
Chehalis, WA

“I have worked with Bob Kahn on a range of energy issues in Olympia. At times we represented opposing viewpoints, and at others we advanced similar positions. In all cases, I found him to be an articulate and cogent advocate for his clients.”

K. Collins Sprague
Director of WA State Gov't Relations
Avista Corp.
Olympia, WA

“Robert D Kahn & Co. provided invaluable assistance when our firm launched the public face of our Cotterel Mountain wind project. Bob was a key player as we developed our plan for raising community and legislative support, positioning the project with the media and blunting nascent NIMBY opposition.”

Mike Heckler
Director, Marketing & Development
Windland Incorporated
Boise, ID

“I am very impressed with how effectively Bob and his staff represent their clientsí interests in our part of the world. Your odds of success are vastly improved when you add Robert D. Kahn & Company to your team.”

Jim Kuntz
Executive Director
Port of Walla Walla
Walla Walla, WA

“As someone who has worked both sides of the communications fence--public relations and journalism--I highly recommend Bob Kahn. He has the experience and the insight to represent clients well, while also meeting the needs of the reporters with whom he works. His background in the industry and the political savvy he's gained are a real benefit to clients. They are also invaluable tools for providing additional perspective to those reporters who are new to the industry--which is also a real plus for clients.”

Jude Noland
Clearing Up Newsletter
Seattle, WA

“Bob Kahn was my assistant while I chaired the Comprehensive Review of the Northwest Energy System. I agreed to take the job with only one condition -- that Bob assist me. He proved to be a real asset in helping us reach regional consensus through a difficult process.”

Chuck Collins
Mercer Island, WA

“Mr. Kahn has an established reputation for delivering results without the baggage of a PR firm that brings with it high overheads. We entrusted the success of a billion dollar power project (Wallula Power Project) to Robert D. Kahn & Company and his firm delivered.”

Robert Divers
United Power Co.
Gig Harbor, WA

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