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BSI Marketing Program

Client: MSR Solutions LLC


Industrial consortium markets commercially proven air emission abatement technology.

Three cement companies, led by Mitsubishi Cement Corp., and including Southdown, Inc. and Riverside Cement Company, organized to market a proprietary NOx abatement technology, biosolids injection (BSI). The firms formed MSR Solutions LLC and selected Robert D. Kahn & Company to manage a national marketing effort.

Mitsubishi’s Cushenbury Cement Plant had been combusting municipal wastewater sludge in its kiln and pre-calciner flue gasses since 1996. The plant showed consistently lower nitrogen oxide emissions while earning attractive tip fees from the Los Angeles Sanitation District for disposing of LA's sludge (biosolids).

After conducting extensive market research, writing a business plan, and settling on a business model, Robert D. Kahn & Company, working on behalf of MSR Solutions, launched an intensive sales program focussed on the cement industry, in the summer of 1997.

We analyzed cement plant and wastewater treatment operations in the U.S. and Canada, hosted tours, conducted seminars, authored papers and pitched BSI to senior management at most of North America’s largest cement manufacturing concerns. Under contract to each of four prospective cement customers, MSR Solutions conducted detailed assessments that demonstrated how BSI would generate income while reducing NOx emissions all without compromising productivity.

After Southdown and Riverside dropped out as a result of acquisitions by larger concerns uninterested in BSI, Mitsubishi Cement shut down MSR Solutions. Despite the venture's existing contracts, Mitsubishi concluded that it could no longer justify solely funding the program.

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