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Crockett Cogeneration Project

Client: Pacific Thermonetics


Energy developer seeks state siting approval for 240 megawatt cogeneration power plant project.

The permit application for the proposed Crockett Cogeneration Plant ranks among the most controversial in California history. The 240 megawatt project was planned to supply the C&H Sugar Refinery with steam and sell electricity to PG&E.

Within days after the project's inadvertent announcement, hundreds of residents in the small, unincorporated town of Crockett rallied against the proposed project. Robert D. Kahn & Company worked with the project applicant, attorneys, and public affairs consultants Brian Sway and the late Bert Coffey, to gain a fair hearing at the California Energy Commission.

We successfully turned the tide, securing support of the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors and organizing support among older Crockett residents (1,146 residents signed a petition supporting the cogen plant).

Over 200 press stories covered the permit fight. After an intially-negative tilt, the press began covering the story fairly. Two of the largest dailies serving the East Bay town, the Oakland Tribune and Contra Costa Times, editorialized in support of the Crockett Cogeneration Project.

Pacific Generation eventually acquired rights to the stalled project, completing it 10 years after Pacific Thermonetics had originally proposed it.

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